Classified Woman Review by Nanore Barsoumian at Armenia Weekly

A string of suspicious events and encounters lead FBI translator Sibel Edmonds to the center of a conspiratorial net of cover-ups and possible espionage, as she attempts to unravel the truth behind buried sensitive case files that could shed light … Read More

Classified Woman Unplugged in a New Session with Alex Jones

Yesterday (Friday, May 18), I had another video-radio session with Alex Jones that was supposed to be for 20 minutes but went on for over an hour. I was completely (utterly-totally) unplugged. Mr. Jones has a way of opening up … Read More

Classified Woman on Occupied Territory with Mike Feder

Classified Woman on Mike Feder‘s “Occupied Territory” show @ Progressive Radio Network. Here is the link to the Audio Clip: Freedom means putting your body (and maybe your own liberty) on the line. Today, we speak with Sibel Edmonds, author … Read More

David Swanson Interviews Attorney Stephen Kohn on Classified Woman & Whistleblowers

Stephen M. Kohn of the National Whistleblowers Center says that for national security whistleblowers, Obama’s presidency has been “a disaster.” Kohn, the author of eight books on whistleblower law, represents Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower and the author of the … Read More

Video: Ungagged-Telling the Sibel Edmonds Story

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the unprecedented lengths that the government has gone to suppress the Sibel Edmonds Story, and the publishing industry’s active collusion with the FBI, the CIA, and other government agencies to … Read More